Tim Booth on how Donald Trump ‘sneaked in’ to James’ new album

Tim Booth on how Donald Trump ‘sneaked in’ to James’ new album

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Carla Speight

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Tim Booth has lived in the United States for the past 10 years

Singer Tim Booth wants to make it clear that his band's latest album, Living in Extraordinary Times, is not an album about Donald Trump. Well, not at all. The opening song Hank does not try to pretend that it is something more than a complete one. in a musical assault on the Trump administration. Military drums section, Booth sings about "white fascists in the White House", adding lines about the Black Lives Matter protests and the rather harsh statement this president is a dangerous tool. "The shadow of the US president It works on the band's 15th studio album, recorded under the direction of Alt-J Mercury Award-winning producer Charlie Andrew.Bout says: "I limited the number of Trump songs, but there are some that are still probably influenced by he. We're in extraordinary times. "Because I see so many positive aspects, it's a catalytic figure who's waking up with a lot of Black Lives Matter gaining more momentum and the children of Florida high school facing the NRA, and the women definitely van: & # 39; We're not going to have this anymore & # 39; ".

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The band was formed in Manchester in 1982

United Kingdom, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, United States, United States, United States, United States, United States in the white American dream / God bless the inequality "The singer born in Bradford, who left the Kingdom Joined by his homeland when Barack Obama began his presidency, he insists that the song is applicable to politics and power in the world. "The moment you get money in the United States," he says. expenses of parliamentarians, This article was written in the Official Journal of the European Union. It is really positive in your perspective. "The second half of the songs is" Here is the dream, the ivory tapestry, tying empathy. "This is a system to share." I will continue on the mycelium "-" a tree lacks minerals. "" I know it very Well, "I say" Here is the dream ", says" Here is the dream "," I am a very positive statement, I know that James always, I think in the End, a hopeful band. "The new album also touches the deeply personal with the song "Coming Home" (Pt 2), which Tim says is an apology from the absent father for his children and is a kind of sequel to Come Home from the seminal James 1990 album Gold Mother. "I felt a lot for being away from my son "and I felt a lot of guilt and shame." He's more like my son, but it's not like that. "There are so many migrant workers who must work." I know a nanny who has not seen her children in 10 years because she fled El Salvador. He is home every week. "The album continues from 2015" The album continues since 2015 at the end of the world. (In the end she stayed out of first place on Adele's part of 25.) Living in extraordinary times also comes from the Mother of Gold, who celebrates her 30th birthday in 2020. "You have a lot of nostalgia." However, Tim says that the band does not plan to release the album on an anniversary tour that captures money. "I say incredulously." I know how you would remember the songs. I would have to have a teleprompter. We changed our list of songs every night, but I do not like the idea of ​​being tied. up to a record. "I did not want to do it for financial reasons." – who will turn 60 in the same year that Gold Mother turns 30 – is too much of a musical nostalgia market at this time. "We are not referring to nostalgia, we are not a heritage band." We play many new songs when we play live and the things we are writing now are as good as we've had, if not better. "Living in Extraordinary Times is out now."

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