Health Alert: One million bags of toxic rice impounded

Health Alert: One million bags of toxic rice impounded

Toxic rice seized in Kenya. Rice eaters should know that rice has an expiration date

Rice consumers in Nigeria should control rice bags by expiration date as they may have become toxic, unfit for human consumption

In Kenya, for astounding a million bags of toxic rice, along with 400 containers of cooking oil, were seized by detectives.

Rice bags and cooking oil were seized in the port city of Mombasa. The rice had passed the expiration date of three years.

A group of investigators working on a report compiled by the Kenyan Producers Association (KAM) and government agencies, including the National Intelligence Service (NIS), seized the goods last month.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), rice, originally from Pakistan, had been convicted as unfit for man, but somehow found its way to Kenya.

In addition, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has refused to empty more than 400 containers of 20 kg containers of cooking oil from Malaysia.

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti said that outlawed importers were printing new bags that were transported to the high seas and used to repack the contaminated rice.

"Yes, it is true that we have seized about a million bags of rice in some Mombasa warehouses, and we believe that part of the toxic rice may have been introduced to the market," said Kinoti.

The DCI said the manifesto, working with customs officials, facilitated the entry of smuggled rice.

"They print new bags with new expiration dates, so they repack the rice ready for entry through the port, part of the rice was sentenced about three years ago as unfit for the man", I added .

The association of Malaysia palm oil refineries (Poram) has already asked its government to intervene and send oil back to Malaysia.

Poram's CEO, Teoh Beng Chuan, stated that the oil was seized because it did not have 20 mg / kg of vitamin A as required.

"We also informed that the exporters' request to take ownership of the cargo and send it back to another destination was denied, while the containers continue to remain in the backyard, incurring further storage costs over 14 days of free time allowed, "said Chuan.

The letter to the Deputy Secretary General of Malaysia (Trade), Ministry of Industry and International Trade adds: "We therefore seek your kind assistance in order that the Kenyan authorities resolve this impasse urgently, since it affects the image of Malaysian palm oil industry in addition to the cost involved if further delayed. "

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