A Tasty, Strategic Addition to the Content Marketing Table: ‘Repurposed Content Cobbler’

Ingredients for Content Marketing Cobbler

If you did not know, tomorrow, May 17, is the home of a very special holiday: National Cherry Cobbler Day.

I know, I know – every day seems to be the home of some strange, casual or harmless vacation these days, but this has a special place in my heart.


While my palate generally prefers more savory options, the fruit cobbler is my jam. (Does it count as a pun? No? OK.) And as it turns out, not only is the cobbler of all the deliciously satisfying variety to eat, but also serves a tasty slice of inspiration for content marketing.

You see, the cobbler was an innovation in both sweet and savory cuisine, native to the British British colonies. The settlers had no access to ingredients or equipment suitable for preparing their traditional cakes and pies, then using creativity with what they had, the cobbler was born.

Like the first American settlers, content marketers must adapt to their new, challenging environments. From information overload to the death of an organic social scale, to age-old challenges such as lack of time, budgets and internal resources, constantly creating new, engaging and stimulating quality content is an ever-present challenge.

The good news? You probably already have many of the ingredients needed to create a tasty strategic cobbler. And cooking tactics are reusing those ingredients in something your audience can not resist.
Ingredient n. 1 – Your dispensation of existing content.
If there is one thing that every content seller has in a spade, it is a fully supplied content handout. From white papers, eBooks, blog posts and original or third-party research, all this robust, niche content has the potential to be cut, cut into cubes and re-proposed in something new and fresh.

For TopRank Marketing CEO, Lee Odden, micro-containment is a tasty ingredient that comes up again.

"Snack content can often be managed and reused as an ingredient to create a main course," says Lee. "On their own, short form content like quotes, tips and statistics are useful for social network shares and as more credibility for blog posts, ebooks and articles."

And I have a very good example of both microcontent content and sturdier content that is repeated in a tasty dish: the recipe for Mastering the Perfect Content Marketing: 30 essential eBooks of savory and sweet ingredients.

In our quest to be the best answer for our audience, the TopRank Marketing team created individual and robust blog posts on 30 exclusive content marketing tactics, all with definitions, quotes, examples, and best practices.

And as an integrated digital marketing agency, we wanted to bring all these tactics together under one roof to give our audience a little strategic insight.

We have collected and optimized the content of best practices from each of the blog posts to form the meat of the good. Then we topped off with microcontamination, that is, the original and edited quotations from internal and external experts, to add further insight and authority. Finally, we have completed everything with some new original content to add an extra touch.

[bctt tweet=”Snackable content can often be managed & repurposed like ingredients to create a main course. – @leeodden #ContentMarketing” username=”toprank”]
Ingredient n. 2 – Your data spice cabinet and tasty insights.
Herbs and spices often have the key to unlocking the full potential of every dish or desert, and every good cook has the essentials at your fingertips. Therefore, when it comes to ensuring that the content of its readapted content is suitable for the public, it must be updated with the right data and information.

"We live in big data, every marketer has data Every marketer knows the data is valid," Annie Leuman of TopRank Marketing stated in her post 5 reasons why B2B content marketing works and 5 reasons for which does not work. "And the most forward-looking marketers are taking advantage of the data and their practical knowledge to get ideas that can be used in their marketing strategy".

Dig into the data to get information on what resonates more with your audience, in addition to what leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Then act on this information as you come back to help improve coverage, engagement, completed action invitations, and more.

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Ingredient n. 3 – A thread of creativity and experimentation.
Cobbler was born thanks to the creativity of the first American settlers. And the truth is that, the marketers, we all have unique creative ideas that can be added to the mix of readapted content to create something different and relevant to our target audience.

As I heard Jay Acunzo say during his presentation of the B2B Forum MarketingProfs 2016 on the creativity of content marketing:
"You are the key to your creativity. You are the starter."
We often think that we do not have the tools, the technology, the team or the talent to be highly creative. But we marketers are scrapposi in the kitchen of the contents. We are innovative. We can and have made the most of the resources assigned to us. But the key to success here is not luck. You must tinker. You have to experiment. You must practice. This will not only help you refine your recipe, but also find opportunities to use your resources in new ways.

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Cook Up Your Own Recipe Cobbler Content
Like the first settlers, content marketers must adapt and innovate in the ever-changing marketing landscape, using the resources they constantly need to create quality, captivating and stimulating content.

So, it's time to go to the kitchen, open the contents pantry, the data and the spice cabinet and add a bit of creativity and experimentation to find unique ways to reuse content that resonates and gives value.

To get creative juices flowing, check out our Mastering the Perfect Content Marketing Recipe: 30 eBook content of savory essential ingredients and desserts mentioned above to reinforce the content marketing strategy and inspire your own recipe for the cobbler proposed content. A Tasty, Strategic Added to the content marketing table: & # 39; Re-adapted Content Cobbler & # 39; appeared first on the online marketing blog – TopRank®.

Tim is a web developer. A Fellow at the Coinallot, a writer here and there on this and that and strangely, one of the global experts on internet marketing strategy, one of the rare earths. Tim have written for The Times, Gamedrix, Gamereveals, Express, Independent, City People, Wall Street Journal, My School Gist, Philadelphia Inquirer, Coinallot. He enjoys pie, as should all right thinking people. You can find him on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/fadipe-timothy-b248b3a7/?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_notifications%3Bf3VN2ttxTRuqUhhqGHJ3hQ%3D%3D&licu=urn%3Ali%3Acontrol%3Ad_flagship3_notifications-nav.settings_view_profile

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A Tasty, Strategic Addition to the Content Marketing Table: ‘Repurposed Content Cobbler’

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