Beggars In Abuja Return To Streets,Reject Rehabilitation from bwari rehabilitation center

Beggars In Abuja Return To Streets,Reject Rehabilitation from bwari rehabilitation center

Beggars on the street
After being evacuated from the streets of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) and taken to the Bwari rehabilitation center, hundreds of beggars returned to the streets to beg for alms.
Many of these beggars have returned to the Zuba-Kubwa, Wuse, Jabi and other parts of Abuja to continue asking for alms, Punch reports.
The beggars, most of whom came from the northern states, could not stand the discipline and strict rules of the rehabilitation center.
Nasir Danmallam, Deputy Director of AEPB, said that more than 861 homeless people, including beggars, were removed from the streets between January and April 2018.
Reacting to the return of the beggars in the square, he said that AEPB was aware of the situation and was working to free the FCT from villains and other undesirable elements.

Danmallam said: "In January we removed 210 street beggars and sent 37 for rehabilitation, and in February, we removed 192 people and brought 38 to Bwari for rehabilitation, while some of them were repatriated to their states. 39, originated from the secretariat for social development.
"In March, 78 beggars were taken for rehabilitation out of 281 who were evacuated from the streets and in April 178 were arrested and 75 were taken for rehabilitation while the others were sent back to their state or handed over to their family members.
"We have seen pockets of them (beggars) and when we get them the second time, we take them to the Bwari rehabilitation center, they are very aggressive, some of them stabbing our boys in the process of arrest. useless sympathies so we have obstacles to members of the public ".
It is reported that the Senate has ordered the security agencies of the FCT to get rid of beggars, prostitutes and the needy from the streets of the Nigerian capital, Abuja.
The president, Senate Senate of the Dino Melaye commission, revealed it at a press conference in Abuja on Thursday 23 February 2017.
Melaye informed the journalists that her committee invited the commissioner and commander of the Nigeria Police and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) to inform them of the growing insecurity of the FCT and the need to take measures to curb the trend.
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Beggars In Abuja Return To Streets,Reject Rehabilitation from bwari rehabilitation center

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