Chris Underwood from Survivor on that stunning ending

SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Survivor: Edge of Extinction. A new Survivor winner has been crowned, and it is the most unorthodox winner in the history of the show. Chris Underwood only played 13 out of 39 days in the game, with the rest of his time being spent with…5 min

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Chris Underwood from  Survivor  on that stunning ending

SPOILER ALERT: Read on finest while you happen to have watched Survivor: Edge of Extinction. A brand new Survivor winner has been topped, and it’s the most unorthodox winner in the historical past of the uncover. Chris Underwood played 13 out of 39 days in the sport, with the remainder of his time being spent with the utterly different folks voted out on Edge of Extinction. However he is now preserving a take for a million dollars because of the winner of season 38. How did you most probably do not want to change? No longer finest did Chris create a flurry of mountainous moves – cherish convincing Lauren to provide him his immunity idol, winning the remaining immunity scenario, and then giving up that immunity to face Rick in a remaining four fire-making hasten – once he gained the competition to construct up serves in the working, but he unquestionably began plotting his endgame whereas sitting on Extinction Island. We talked to the freshly minted winner and he printed that he requested his fellow losers at Extinction what he wanted to enact to vote if he bought served in the sport, and then outmoded that knowledge to chart an now no longer really to victory . Read on for extra juicy tidbits from the recent champ on how I made it happen. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’re a sizable fan and student of this sport so order me how atypical it must have been told to have gained, but furthermore to have gained after finest “playing” 13 out of 39 days. No person has ever gained cherish that before.CHRIS UNDERWOOD: Yeah, it needed to win some pretty huge swings and a rental trudge at every bat. And knowing that going to it, I had a host of time on the Edge of Extinction to deem about what it took to grab and what I wished to enact if I was once fortunate to construct up serve in. I got served in the sport, I became once fully ample with the. , I’d grown so powerful as a particular person in the market for 28 days with correct my thoughts, and if I did not accumulate serve in the sport and grab, it would have been exquisite. So it’s been an unreal ride. I’m still making an effort to make sure it’s out. You and I spoke the day before the sport, and I requested you to know what you believe-about Dom’s decision to no longer provide up immunity and win on Wendell in the Ghost Island remaining four fire-making. They were correct aired before you began filming and Wendell went on to record. How did you become interested in your life, and how did you stop your immunity to Rick Devens? Yeah, I’m imply, you glance at your total season and kind of the legend of the uncover , and every aggressive player bought their head lobbed off. And we had an aggressive season. And I deem it was once attributable to us that we saw correctly Ghost Island and the design in which that played out. And I knew that if I was once going to create it, I needed to win the necklace. I needed to. I still deem that if Dom had finished that, I would have gained. On the other hand, if it is a fact, it should be told that you are 100% sure, so stable, and you bought that necklace round your neck, it’s hard to win it off. On the other hand it was once the correct shot. I had to get Rick out of the design. When did you create the choice, Chris? Because we noticed you tutoring Gavin and Julie. When did you create that decision that you were going to win off the necklace? Day 25. Day 30. Day 35. I imply, it was not a day-38 decision. I knew if I was going to build up in the sport, I needed to be further aggressive. I needed to be flawless. And so I knew that I needed to take immunity, and I knew that I needed to get the necklace off, cherish, days before. Because I wished to video show to this rockstar solid and the rockstar jury that I had what it took and I was eleven in a spot to create contact in the swings that I took. For folks that do not roam to the fireplace and Rick loses anyway, enact you still deem you beat Gavin and Julie at the remaining 3, or did you have to create that mettlesome play to grab the sport? I was not willing to station my wager on three days of gameplay. I wished four. I wished fire to grab. And in thunder that decision became once pretty determined. And I just needed to win it. And I suggested Rick, “Man, while you happen to create fire and you grab, whether it’s against me, Gavin, Julie, you grab the sport.” I imply, it became eleven determined. And I was once good ample with casting my vote for Rick if I misplaced. I became once at peace with that decision. So it made sense for me to win him an assignment to whatever came about. I was once both promulgating and promulgating his success, prompting him to know, propping up and being given a further boost for the Final Tribal. How much is the connection you made on Extinction Island when it comes to serving you to take this sport? It’s pretty determined that this sport, I imply, I’ve heard Jeff yelp it, here is now no longer an athletic sport. Here it is, if fact be told, it’s now no longer a powerful strategic sport, it’s a social sport. It’s the blood of the blindside, you know? You crave that. And you’re going to have dirty palms, but there would be a design to win folks out of the sport. And so, yeah, it was eleven positively something that I needed to conquer. How were you feeling about your chances as you were strolling into that Final Tribal Council. I’m determined you were doing jury math on your head, pondering, “Maybe I bought this guy, presumably I do not have this particular person.” the sport, which, over again, I was once one in all 11, lawful? However, my design was once used to be a good statement of what I want to do, but what exactly does it want to happen? design your vote? “I get in thoughts Wardog became eleven cherish,” For folks that strive to exit and grab every immunity scenario, you’re now no longer getting my vote. “For folks that create it to cease and grab immunity, you’re now no longer getting my vote. ” And in thunder that was once one small tidbit. I acknowledged, “Okay, I’ve bought to throw a scenario. I can not grab my design to the cease. I’ve bought to be vulnerable for a vote, presumably search for a profit in play and then create a wide roam, and enact all of these within a transient length of time. “So, you know, that played a wide goal . What scenario did you throw? The foremost scenario when I bought serve the sport, when Julie gained that scenario. It was once pretty that I was once in the service of. However when Julie began getting old to me, she became an encouraging force, making her struggle to support her accumulate through. And Rick acknowledged me, cherish, “Chris, what are you doing? We had an alliance. Why are you letting her record? “And I was once letting her record attributable to I knew I wished to let her record and then survive a vote. And so I placed my playing cards on that and then she became eleven style ample to win me on the reward scenario. And even at that level, I had already known that Rick’s idol was once current. So your total reward lunch with Lauren, myself, and Julie was once all about intel and gathering extra knowledge, and bobbing up with a correct realizing to work with Rick to construct up each one to the Final Four. Evident query, but what are you going to enact with the money? I bought married about two-and-a-half weeks ago. And my accomplice gave me the good ample to use a little bit time without children to search the arena. And it’s half of it’s going to that. , half of it’s going to financial savings. And half of it’s going to give. However I’m pretty furious to stay out a kid-much less marriage for a couple years, lengthen that honeymoon, and if fact be told ride some time with my accomplice. How do you feel about the possibility of presumably designing and playing Survivor over again? I comprehend it’s now no longer the outmoded ride that the general public accumulate. On the other hand it could not have ended better for me. And I grew so powerful. I’m going to take a seat down on the sidelines and be a fan, ride the sport from the sidelines. However, who’s conscious of. About a year from now, things could change. Associated yelp: Survivor host Jeff Probst solutions season finale burning questions Survivor: Island of the Idols: Jeff Porbst shares intel on NEXT season Survivor: Edge of Extinction finale recap: Did the lawful particular person grab? Jeff Probst solutions Survivor finale burning questions The one real Survivor finale memoir you never knew The blind blindside: An oral history of the finest Survivor moment ever Jeff Probst leads adventures in the remaining (and long-established) reality sequence. style TV Repeat seasons 37 episodes 554 Genre Fact trudge date 05/31/00 creator Charlie Parsons Solid Jeff Probst Community CBS Available For Streaming On Entire Protection Survivor

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