ClickZ weekly MarTech briefing: June 4

Welcome to the first of our new series of weekly MarTech briefings. Here you will find key information this week, including key funding, new market entry technologies, press releases, career moves and attention to the influencers' social activities.
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Highlights from last week's MarTech (4 June)
Offers and financing
The integration of Jeremy Bloom raises 8 million dollars for marketing software
The software provider for orchestrating the Phoenix Integrate application has raised $ 8 million in funding from Iron Gate Capital and existing investors, including Foundry Group, Comcast Ventures and Liberty Global. ExactTarget founder Scott Dorsey and DocuSign CEO Dan Springer also took part in the round.
New launches
Movyl technologies launch an AI-based social marketing platform
Movyl Technologies has implemented its artificial marketing platform based on artificial intelligence that automates various functions of composition, analysis, planning, etc. The integrated platform turns out to be time, work and cost savings. Technology uses artificial intelligence to overcome the challenges of social media marketing. The platform allows brands to amplify their social conversations by composing relevant content from various sources and publishing them to the public on a large scale. The system can also help you create a message queue and understand the issues affecting the audience. Movyl can monitor up to 15 platforms, such as Reddit, Twitter and many others. In an interview, the CEO of Movyl Technologies, Giancarlo Mori, said that the platform also provides all the tools and insights to create comprehensive online campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness. The company currently charges $ 300 per person per month, with a one month free trial.
Press releases
Marketo acquisition of Bizible
Marketo Inc., a leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, has recently acquired Bizible, the leading provider of marketing performance management software. As per reports, this will bring the two best companies in the industry to come together to change the technology market and allow organizations to link revenue to marketing investments. The combination provides the most powerful marketing automation platform in the world. It is believed that this will allow marketers to understand the full channeling analysis, its planning, its execution and will enable them to use their budget wisely. In addition to this, customers will have access to new technologies and will help increase the community that is Market Nation. The co-founders of Bizible, Bird, Andy Turman and Peter Thompson, and their entire team will soon join the Marketo team in Seattle. and HubSpot join forces to refine the automation of marketing and sales
Cloud platform and integration has partnered with HubSpot as a Connect Certified Partner. Through this partnership, companies can manage marketing and sales much more effectively. Companies can also create automated workflows that involve HubSpot and other cloud applications.
LinkedIn presents the carousel for sponsored content
LinkedIn has implemented a new feature called Carousel. The new feature is primarily directed at sponsored content and will allow organizations to tell their brand history and interact with their target audience on LinkedIn. The feature also allows companies to add consistency to their stories through the presence of multiple visual elements that people can browse horizontally while they are in the LinkedIn feed.
Career moves
Introhive brings former Salesforce executive Jerry Carr to retirement
CRM automation and relational intelligence platform Introhive has appointed Jerry Carr, former Salesforce senior vice president, as the new Chief Technology Officer. It is said that Carr is leaving his retirement to take responsibility for this role. In this role, he will work closely with the Introhive product team to develop new technologies and workflows that continuously improve the user experience of Introhive, improve platform functionality and increase internal efficiency.
As a CTO, Carr has nearly 30 years of experience in developing leading products for globally distributed products. More recently, Carr served Radian6 as Engineering's executive vice president, growing his team of engineers from three developers to a team of 80 people.
Commenting on his appointment, Carr said: "The Introhive team has already been able to develop innovative products that are distributed to large and small customers that deliver real value and improve their business results." I really enjoy working on products that customers love to use and Introhive has this.This is an exciting next step in my personal adventure, working here with a team of proven leadership, working on market-leading products that deliver real value to customers looking to drive business transformation " .
Reflector Influencer

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The weekly MarTech briefing on the ClickZ post: on June 4, it appeared for the first time on ClickZ

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ClickZ weekly MarTech briefing: June 4

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