Delta State Government Commissions New Roads

Delta State Government Commissions New Roads

In an attempt to beautify Asaba, the state capital of the Delta, state governor Ifeanyi Okowa has commissioned new roads to Asaba while pleading with the Deltani to work with the government to dispose of their waste properly.
Okowa said this today as he spoke during the commissioning ceremony of Kanayo and Oboduku Streets, Akwuebulu. He said his administration was willing to provide infrastructure benefits to people in the state and urged the deltans to work with the government on the proper disposal of waste, to keep the state of the Delta clean.
"Deltans should desist from the indiscriminate dumping of waste along the median of major roads and engage private sector partners (PSPs) to evacuate their waste, I invite the waste management council and the local government of oshimili to work out the best way to properly manage waste in the city and to enlighten people on how to properly dispose of their waste to maintain a healthy environment, "he said.

While frightening the Deltans to engage PSP services and keeping Asaba clean, Sen. Okowa instructed the waste management council and the local government council to collaborate and raise awareness about proper waste management.
The governor called on the Deltans to continue to maintain peace in the state by providing them with further development projects, although he stressed that no part of the state would be left behind.
"We know what our employees expect from the government and my administration is accessible to the Delates, that's why we're running projects geared to people who positively affect people's lives, we're focused and will continue to pursue our vision of delivering dividends from democracy to the people ".

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Delta State Government Commissions New Roads

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