Disgrace To Christianity: Choir Flaunts With Sultry Lady

Disgrace To Christianity: Choir Flaunts With Sultry Lady

The head of a church in Nigeria is currently on social media for all the wrong reasons after a photo of her and a lady dressed in bikinis hit the internet.
He was pictured as he bent his head to take a selfie with a sensual friend.

The young man identified as Kingsley, who is also the son of a priest in Akwa Ibom, decided to cool off with the unnamed lady who called her sister friend, who had marked her birthday with friends.

The choir master decided to publish funny photos with the prosperous woman online regardless of his status as a church leader, thus attracting online criticism.

The images have become viral online and many Facebook users have reacted. While some have heavily criticized him for posting "impious" pictures online, others have argued that there is nothing wrong with taking a little fun on the beach.
See some reactions below;

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Disgrace To Christianity: Choir Flaunts With Sultry Lady

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