EKEDC Promises Electricity Supply During Holidays


The Eko Electric Distribution Company (EKEDC) states that it will guarantee an uninterrupted energy supply within its operational territory during the Eid-El-Fitr holidays.
Mr Godwin Idemudia, General Manager, Corporate Communications of EKEDC, has given his assent to a statement in Lagos.
"We are aware of our customers' high expectations of enjoying a constant supply of energy during this festival."
"The company has put in place the necessary measures to ensure that our consumers enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply during the period and beyond," said Idemudia.
He said that EKEDC would ensure that energy from the national network is equally distributed to all customers within the network.
"EKEDC has put in place measures to ensure that customers' hopes are not outlined.
"Ikoyi and other surrounding areas on the island of Lagos will suffer power outages for four hours a day during this period.

"This is to allow the company to perform service rehabilitation work on Shaw Road 11KV Feeder covering the areas.
"The stationary power supply will be available in other areas of the EKEDC network during the holidays.
"We want to appeal to consumers under the network that there should be sparks from the poles or failures of the EKEDC transformers, our technical team is on standby in all our business units.
"Our technical staff will work during Eld-El-Fitr holidays to correct electrical faults so that customers can enjoy their holidays," said Idemudia.
However, he invited customers in his territory to promptly pay their monthly bills to avoid disconnection of the company.
The general manager warned customers against the harassment of their duty-bound staff, adding that EKEDC would not tolerate the assault of any of its employees.
Idemudia also warned against vandalism and tampering with EKEDC equipment in the area, saying it could cause death, serious injury and power failure.

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EKEDC Promises Electricity Supply During Holidays

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