PDP, NBA Demand Arrest, Prosecution Of APC Leaders


The People's Democratic Party has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the All Progress Congress leaders, the APC allegedly linked to the violent attack and invasion of a Supreme Court of Rivers State in Port Harcourt .
The association of Nigerian lawyers, NBA, also condemned the attack on the headquarters of the Supreme Court of the State of Rivers in Port Harcourt.
In a statement by his general secretary, Isiaka Olagunju, he invited the inspector general of the police, Ibrahim Idris, to establish "a special large-scale investigative team" to identify and prosecute the perpetrators and their sponsors.
The NBA states that the judicial invasion was an attempt to ridicule the judiciary and also to undermine the integrity and powers of the judiciary, inviting the PGI to bring the perpetrators to book.

In addition, the Nigerian Labor Congress has pleaded with the nation's security officers to suppress the perpetrators of the attacks in court, particularly in the State of Rivers, warning that if it had not been checked, it could lead to anarchy.
According to the president of the NLC, Mr. Ayuba Wabba advised the judges of the country to live above the edge, arguing that anything contrary could erode citizens' trust in the courts and force them to resort to self-sufficiency.
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PDP, NBA Demand Arrest, Prosecution Of APC Leaders

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