Portuguese Club Attacked By Hooded Fans

Premierira Liga Sporting Lisbon club was attacked yesterday during training session on training ground as they prepared for the Cup final against Aves on Sunday.
On Tuesday a group of fans made their way into the training center of Sporting Lisbon and attacked its players and staff.
Sporting has issued a statement condemning what it calls "acts of vandalism and attacks on [our] athletes, coaches and professional staff".

The public television RTP said that about 50 intruders, who had covered their faces for not being identified, stopped training and attacked a number of players and staff. They also trashed a locker room.

The Dutch national Bas Dost, who scored 27 league goals this season, is out of the cup after suffering injuries to his legs and some bad shots on his head.
The club's physio was allegedly stabbed to one leg.
Even manager Jorge Jesus, captain William Carvalho and vice-captain Rui Patricio were targeted.
Dost told Ojogo: "I have no words, I did not expect this situation, it was a painful situation and we are all shocked," he told Ojogo.
"This is a drama for everyone, I'm empty."
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The incident comes two days after Sporting failed to win a place in the Champions League for next season, after a defeat in the final phase of the Portuguese league cost him a second place.
The league also condemned in a statement "the violent actions the players and the technical staff of Sporting Lisbon were subject to today".
"The authors of these incidents are not football fans, they are criminals," he said.

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Portuguese Club Attacked By Hooded Fans

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