Reggae Lovers To Immortalize Kimono In Warri

The reggae lovers of Warri reacted Tuesday to the disappearance of the icon of popular reggae, Ras Kimono, describing it as a blow to the Nigerian music industry.
Orbada Clark, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Benvico Hotel, while speaking with the Nigeria news agency, (NAN) in Warri, said the legacy left by Kimono will remain on it.
Clark, an ally of the music star, said reggae lovers in Warri were perfecting plans to capture Kimono.
He said: "Kimono was my very good friend, we communicated the last time on May 6, three days before his birthday.
"The kimono is never dead, he only translated, his translation is painful, as a messenger from Jah, he came to deliver the message and left.
"His name will be written in Benvico marble, and every June 10th he will be put aside to celebrate it next to the father of the reggae, Marcus Garvis, who died the same day in 1940".
"All of his albums are fantastic, including the latest work entitled" Senseless Killer "launched at Benvico on December 15th 2017.
"All his music brought messages, he says the truth, what is really happening in Nigeria Kimono is a prophet who has given the message to people to understand, and he makes all of us happy.

"I receive the news with shock, as I said, we will immortalize it, it was a social crusader," he said.
Mike Ofiko, another reggae lover, said that Kimono distinguished himself among the reggae artists of Nigeria because he was a political reggae singer and "preached the truth".
Ofiko said: "He had a positive impact on many young and future artists, he was a father I never had, he was sincere, honest, humble, down-to-earth, and welcomed anyone who came to meet him.
"It does not discriminate, eat with banana and roasted peanut when it comes to Warri, we will really miss it," he said.
Moreover, Nosa Ikpomen described the reggae legend as a "postmaster", who came to deliver the right message to the people.
"Kimono was a true legend, who should not stay too long, I think he came to deliver the message and came back.
"His disappearance shocked me, we will make sure his name is immortalized so that his good legacy will continue to persist.
"We will miss him, his kind soul can rest in peace, and also Jah will comfort his family," he said.
Kimono, whose real name was Ukeleke Elumelu, died on Sunday at a hospital in Lagos, at the age of 60.

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Reggae Lovers To Immortalize Kimono In Warri

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