The last four Sunderland managers have all lost their jobs in the last 18 days

Chris Coleman was sacked by Sunderland on April 29 in anticipation of the imminent acquisition of the club. Official declaration. After his recent dismissal, Coleman has been linked to the vacant position as Ipswich's manager. The last one to hold the place was another former manager of Sunderland, Mick McCarthy, currently unemployed. Coleman's predecessor, Simon Grayson, left his post in Bradford City on May 8th. Official declaration. Grayson has also been connected to Ipswich's work. Grayson's predecessor, David Moyes, left West Ham today, May 16, as his short-term contract was not renewed. Official declaration. Sam Allardyce was the manager of Sunderland before the disastrous reign of Moyes. He was fired by Everton today, May 16th. Official declaration. Thus, the last four Sunderland executives have joined the ranks of the unemployed in the last three weeks. None of them lasted more than six months in their last job. And the list may soon become even longer. Allardyce's predecessor, "Big Dick" Advocaat is currently the manager of the Dutch team Sparta Rotterdam. His contract expired in June, but his fate could depend on the upcoming relegation play-off games. presented by / u / KaizerTitus [visit reddit] [comments] .

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The last four Sunderland managers have all lost their jobs in the last 18 days

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